Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Big Thank you is due

Hi folks, I'd like to extend a big Thank You to several of my friends. I almost posted 'online' friends, then I decided that Friends are Friends, and online simply means I haven't met them in person yet.

I've been making a concerted effort to use my lathe more lately.  I've owned it for almost 10 years, and have never really taken the plunge into the vortex.  Naturally enough, turning is a very short hobby if one doesn't learn to sharpen the tools.

Well, I recently got a new grinder, and I realized that I had done a number on my two bowl gouges before I set up my grinder and the wolverine jig

There it is under the old 6" grinder. (note to self, take photo of the Snazzy new grinder and the wolverine...)

Over the years, I've done my best to learn from my friends who turn, and have been honored to meet several important folks in the turning 'world'.

One of the nicest and most respected gentlemen I've had the pleasure to meet and learn from is Bill Grumbine.  I posted a quick video on a facebook group that he has.   I very quickly had several good replies with advice on how to repair the gouges. 
Bill was  even nice enough to share a clip he made on how to  over come my errors, as was my friend Stu in Tokyo! 

My friend Vaughn also chimed in with input on how to recover the grind. 

Guys, I am pleased to announce that with your collective help, I'm well on my way to fixing the troubled grinds:

1/2" bowl gouge with repaired fingernail grind

1/2" V-gouge with repaired fingernail grind.

Here are pics to prove I'm getting there.
 Bill saw these on the facebook group page, and offered a further tip, I'll be putting that to use in the morning and I'll call them fixed! Now to learn how to use them on a piece of wood!

Shameless plug, if you're a turner looking to learn how to turn a bowl, Check out both of Bill's Superb DVDs:

'Turned Bowls Made Easy' & 'Beyond the Basic Bowl'. He can be found online at 

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