Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spoon! complete with video...

I had this spoon blank rough cut and sitting up on my gouge rack above my lathe, silly me, I chose the hardest darned maple I could find. Not a bad thing on the Lathe, but carving out the bowl was a bit of a chore.

Here is a shot of it on the lathe, under power

The handle's just a spindle, the Bowl however is a propeller.

Here it is stopped.

Several years ago I bought myself a spoon plane (currently AWOL on my bench somewhere) and then some time after that I picked up a hook knife:

I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I roughed out the bowl of this spoon. It looks Hand done, as indeed it should.

The chunk of maple I carved this out of turned out to be ambrosia maple, complete with beetle tracks. That makes this an art project now, not a working spoon.

And here's a short clip showing the spoon under power on the lathe:

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