Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year! Change is a good thing, right?

Hi folks,
 I've been a bit busy, between making boards, plus the holidays... plus a career change thrown in for good measure.
 I Stopped in to visit a buddy of mine at the Swift terminal I used to work for and at. (driver, then manager) he mentioned in passing that they were hiring for an ECT or Extended Coverage Team member, which was what I used to do there. I sat down with my wife, talked about it for a good hour or so, and then slept on it.  The next day, I applied... interviewed two days later and started the waiting game.
In the middle of all of that, I managed to mess up the power to my shop, so I'm limping along on my kickstarter... unable to go full bore, but still getting things done a little at a time.

I followed up the following week, calling the terminal leader (manager), whom I had interviewed with. He said they had not made a solid decision yet. It was a week before christmas. I kept on keepin' on and made it through the next couple of days.  Friday rolled around and I had my car in for its all too frequent B-service (LOF/Rotate), as I was leaving I got the call, they were offering me the job. I Stammered my acceptance. Naturally enough the terminal leader was going on vacation ,could I coordinate with his right hand man, come in and do a drug screen early the following week, and oh, could you start on the 29th?  Um, sure...  I guess I will go to see my folks just before christmas, as I know I won't get any time off for awhile once I start.
I also put in my notice  for the three calendar weeks I needed to give the firm so they could replace me with a new contractor. Being the holidays, they didn't manage to get that done, but that's on them, not me.

That monday I popped over to the terminal, got the screening accomplished (studied all night for it) and then loaded my son in the car and headed for Virginia.  Lori had to work, so she held the fort up here in NY.  Pat and I brought along a bin full of board pieces to glue up, which we did throughout the day on tuesday. Wednesday we zipped north again, after a quick but pleasant visit with my parents.

Christmas eve traffic wasn't too bad, all things considered.  We got home just about when my son James, his wife Amy and my granddaughters arrived for christmas visit.

I worked my three runs last weekend, and of course I also had a bunch of computer stuff to do for on-boarding with the company, and then this past monday I went in for orientation and re-fresher on trucking 101.

I worked all week 7-17:00, and on tuesday night I also covered a run for the old job. THat made for one really long couple of days... but I got through it. New years eve for me was a quick hug and kiss for the family.  I crashed about 17:30 right when I got in the door. I got back up for dinner and was back in bed by 20:30.

I shopped out my last friday night run, and am just about to set out on my last courier delivery run of my career there.  I'm looking forward to not doing that job. It fed the family, and paid some of the bills, but it wasnt' a long term job, just a filler until something better came along.

See you on the boards folks, now that that two week span is over, I'll be back blogging again.

Happy New Year!

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