Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kickstarter: the last few hours of funding

Well, it has been a ride & a half do far . This past month has been an incredible journey for my shop & online experience . I put up the kickstarter fully expecting that today I would be sitting here agonizing over whether or not enough people would like my work to fund my modest project.

Um, yeah , about that? 

I originally Hoped to need to make  , oh , about 20-30 boards . Now I need to make at Least 129, & I know I've got dozens of backers who want multiple boards. 

That is , as several friends have said, a good problem to have . It is, however still a Problem:

It boils down thusly. When I started this, 20 boards and all was easy enough to do in just a couple of weeks. I've made similar production runs in the past to gear up for a show. When I posted my project I was confident , niow I'm concerned. I published my approximate delivery date , but with 6 or 7 times the number of boards, I'm not going to make that at this rate. 

Add to that a non-shop related event which has diverted some of my attention; my parents are 487 miles from me, and their health of late has been a concern. Please keep all of us in your prayers . 

A recent visit to my folks has given me a leg up on fulfillment. I was describing the project to them , and mentioned that I would have to wait until mid December to gety funding, and that was going to delay my purchase of the drum sander I started this whole thing to get. They generously loaned me enough money that I was able to get the sander earlier this week: 

That beast is the grizzly g0458 drum sander. I'd originally hoped to afford a smaller model , which was a 12" capacity  close ended design. This is a much beefier model, which is able to sand up to a 36" workpiece. I'm not going to need that capacity on this project, but it sure is going to be a nice addition to my tool arsenal. 

Even with getting the sander early, so to speak, I have a couple of issues. One us that I need more wood. I've picked up as much as I can afford out of the household budget, but I'll still be making a large purchase once my funding is released in a couple of weeks. 

In the mean time , I'm of course going to be making as many boards as I am able to, so I can dump them into the holidays shipping queue. The USPS Will get the lions share of the boxes, but fedex ground will likely get a couple as well. 

With that much. 'Extra' funding. I've got a bit more expense to cover: shipping. & materials, as well as the sander. I've picked up a few other tools as well: a branding iron , along with two new saw blades , which I suspect were long overdue. 

Thanks to all who supported me on this project. Time for me to get out in the chilly shop and get some boards done! (yes, a new heater is on the shopping list once the funding comes in.)

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