Friday, August 29, 2014

Buttoning up the shop continued

I am ' ' that close to finishing the upper siding on the North end of my shop...

 after Dyami gently chided me into putting Tyvek up, I went ahead and picked up a roll... Man that stuff (and I suppose all construction materials) has gone UP in price. When I bought some during the initial phase of building the shop it was about $30 a roll... $50 was quite the shock. Thankfully the one roll will be plenty for the two sections of shop wall I'm working on. 

naturally enough I had to remove all of the boards I put up before my last post. I was dealing with my ladder phobia...(technically a Landing Phobia... as in Landing after a fall...) and working alone putting up the tyvek. An approaching storm put a pause in, and I decided to shoot a quick video... my first youtube share in fact. 


I took a day or so of cutting pallets up to mine more wide boards and managed to get things to this point:

I quit for the night when my drill driver died (again, I have one pair of new batteries and several old ones which don't hold a charge well...).
As it turns out, that gap was just a shade over 4' long... for my purposes a 4' pallet board worked just fine to fill in. I have several gaps on the wall, oh well, that's what the tyvek is for.  Aesthetically I'm very pleased with the weathered board look. If I had more time and money, I'd re-side the entire barn in rough board and batten and let it weather. In the meantime the pre-painted sheet goods are just fine.

I 'ran out' of loose wide boards at just about the right time point. In my initial try (pre- tyvek) I had stitched in some narrower boards. This time around I used all 'wide' boards for the first six courses. Just about at the hip where the gambrel roof angle is, I switched over to narrow boards. I suppose it meant I had a few more trips up the dreaded ladder, but I survived. (No unanticipated flights or landings so far).

Now, I mentioned I 'ran out' of wide boards... almost. I had one left which was loose, and I decided to use that to fill in the peak section of the siding. The blue tape is how I am attempting to hold it together for the install. I start all of my boards with screws so that when I'm up on the ladder I simply (ha!) have to deal with screwing them in.
 Note to self, pick up another #25 Torx bit before you work on the south end of the shop...

And this is where things stand... I got up to the top of the ladder and was starting to screw in that assembly when another panic attack struck. I somehow managed to control the drill driver,  then I tossed the assembly to the ground. After gathering my wits, I slowly climbed back down. I've figured out that the angle of the ladder has a lot to do with my comfort level. I'll re-adjust later this morning and see if I can't wrap things up. I figure I've got that one assembly, plus backfilling with two or three rows of narrow boards yet to go. I may even trim off that bit of tyvek on the upper left, the boards are flush with the OSB, the tyvek is just extra. 

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