Friday, July 11, 2014

Dealing with Issues and not having a shop

Hi folks, thanks for checking (back?) in.

At the risk of veering away from my prior two posts, I thought I'd share a bit about dealing with issues which have interfered with my hobby/avocation, hopefully it will help others who may be facing or have faced similar situations.

As I mentioned in my last post, I took a hiatus, putting my tools in storage for a couple of years. Our house doesn't have a garage anymore (my wife's ex turned it into a family room/bedroom), nor does it have a basement. That left me with backyard woodworking or renting space somewhere else once I pulled my tools out of the shared shop.

I didn't Want to give up the shared shop, but neither could I afford the upkeep. I suppose I could have found another space somewhere, but I had my heart set on building my own shop. I'll leave that whole process to another post, suffice to say I had to save up awhile.
I've had my shop for almost 6 years (counting from when it was dried in). During the 'between years', I kept busy online in a couple of different forums, soaking up information wherever I could get it. I also focused on what features I wanted in my shop when I finally could afford to build it.

I brought a few tools home from time to time, especially my scroll saw. I could set that up on the porch, or in the living room and make some sawdust from time to time.  The big thing I managed to do was to keep the goal in mind as I scrimped and saved up to afford the build.

Since my shop went up I've had yet another hiatus and 'recovery'. Three years ago I moved my family from central NY to the beautiful Shenandoah valley of VA to be near family. Eventually that proved to be a 'bridge too far', and we migrated back to NY less than a year later. Luckily we hadn't sold our house in NY, so we simply hauled all of our gear back up and put it back in the house and shop.

I'm still getting things in order out there... after all what shop is truly 'done'? One of my biggest challenges is organization, and that's never going away completely no matter how hard I try to keep on top of things. Look for future posts about how I'm going to tackle the current mess out there.

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