Friday, July 11, 2014

I 'made the show!'

As I've mentioned, I listen to the guys when I am traveling around central NY. Today I was pleasantly surprised to hear Marc mention a segment about oil finish inhalation hazards in the shop overview....

I had emailed them a few weeks ago:

I've been woodworking about 15 years now, and I've found that I have a problem whenever I apply Watco Danish Oil. The results are great, I love how it pops the grain etc... woodworking wise, but whenever I apply it, I get a headache and am very lethargic for a day or so after I use it. I use Nitrile gloves, and my shop is well ventilated. I generally apply finish with the main shop door wide open on a bench near the exit (for all intents & purposes outdoors). I've had a similar reaction when I used a wiping varnish I picked up from Rockler; their Sam Maloof wipe on poly blend. This lethargy is so immediate that I have to essentially put on the finish, put the rag somewhere safe to dry, strip off the gloves and immediately lock up my shop and leave it overnight while I go inside and crash. 

I'll let you listen to their replies, suffice to say I was extremely pleased that they replied and with excellent advice at that!

Check out Episode 189: Grandma's got Big Needles !

Thanks again guys!

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