Thursday, July 24, 2014

updating my newfangled bench & other tool thoughts.

Hi folks,
 up 'til now I've been writing about what I've done and/or experienced in the past.  My shop is an utter disaster right now, but I thought I'd better actually get out there and DO something today.

 There's my existing Newfangled bench. Up until now it has mostly been a dust and clutter collector. I've decided that needs to change. As designed it has the two main bar clamps that run width wise. I never made the two cross pieces that allow it to clamp items, so one of my tasks is to take the piece of 2x6 on the bench top and cut two slots allowing it to rest on top of the bars. Still working on that, as my bandsaw is clogged with cutting board strips on its table at the moment.

I picked up two vises long ago, I'm guessing off of a craigslist ad. Here's the one that I want to mount on the left end of the bench. That wasn't originally in the design, but hey, it's My bench after all. It is a Morgan model 106A, which has a quick release action. I just cleaned it up with some PB blaster and a bit of WD-40 to keep the rust off of it.

I plan on putting a 12" wide set of wooden jaws to line the face. If I need to I'll put some leather in there as well, but that's down the road.

I'm going to add on to the left end of the bench, putting about 12 to 14" of laminated hardwood (ash, maple?) with dog holes in line with the vise.  There will also be a birds mouth so that I can add a planing board to the lower section where the vertical pipe clamps are, this will allow me to hold larger workpieces on end, for planing or routing tasks. I want to add two dog holes on the moving face of the vise.

I also picked up a belt sander the other day, nothing fancy, but hey, it's a new tool. I used it to smooth down a couple of small cutting boards, and only on one of them did I leave it in one place too long, dishing out the board a bit. I'm going to use it to get boards 95% smooth, then put them through for one light pass through the planer to level things out, at least until I pick up a drum sander.

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