Thursday, July 17, 2014

My 2014 woodworking Bucket List

Hi folks,  been a busy week at the daily grind, several thousand miles under the wheels since I started this blog. That's good for the wallet, not so good for shop time. I have loads of time for thought though, and this week I've been thinking about where I want the shop to 'go' as it were.

I'm Horrible about finishing projects, so this list is more of a wish list than a must-do list. That being said, putting 'pen to paper' (fingers to blogging keyboard?)  helps get me moving in Some direction, so here goes (in no particular order) :

  • Solar Heat project for my shop.  see
  • router insert in my table saw extension wing
  • tune up table saw
  • set up Wolverine under my grinder
  • tune up bench planes
  • add front vice to bench (here's a pic when I first built it... back in 2008
  • rebuild the entrance to my shop (new door & re-fit steps to shop)
  • install window on north wall (finally)
  • turn 5 bowls (small steps...)
  • make and sell 50 cutting boards
  • install drop ceiling in shop (to keep the heat in over the winter months)
  • finish the upper section of the shop (planning on working on that this weekend)
That ought to keep me busy though christmas. 

Thanks for checking in. Work safe!

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