Friday, August 8, 2014

Teardrop thoughts & Tiny House musings

Hi folks... I've only got a few minutes, but wanted to share a couple of thoughts on two of my growing Bucket List projects that I want to tackle:

First on the list is building a teardrop camper.  Back in the early 90's with the help of my parents I was fortunate enough to buy and live out of a 27' 5th wheel RV. At the time I was a portrait photographer and I was on the road 8 months out of the year. The Shadow Cruiser wasn't fancy, but as a young 26 yr old It was a great alternative to hotels.

Fast forward to today, I discovered the teardrops and tiny travel trailers forum : awhile back, I joined right in and am preparing to build my own trailer this coming winter/spring. My dear wife Lori is concerned that it will be too claustrophobic for her to enjoy it. My plan is a teardrop that expands so that is feels more spacious while remaining lightweight.  A teardrop is basically a bedroom with some storage for food and cooking gear in the back.  It isn't a resort camper, the whole idea is to get out and Camp without sleeping on the ground in a tent, Been There, Done (with) That. You'll be seeing more of this as a project later this fall/winter. It should be fun, building a camper in the winter in NY.... in a 200 square foot shop. #wishmeluck

Somewhere along the way via I stumbled upon the Tiny House movement. Tiny Houses are typically built on some sort of utility flatbed trailer, are about 8' wide and pack a Lot of living in a small space. I admire the people who build and live in them, many of whom are self taught DIY'ers who simply roll up their sleeves and Build the house they can afford.  One of my son's girlfriend asked me the other day, Do you really plan on living in one of those? I'm pretty sure that I could, but that Lori wouldn't like it as much. I assured Mikayla that I could as a vacation house, but that we'd have a 'real house' too.
 There are several Tiny House builders out there, who build well crafted homes for other folks. I could see that as an outlet for my creative juices somewhere down the road.

Be sure and check out Tiny House Swoon to see some fine examples of the craft.

OK off to work, see you on the web, work safe folks!

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