Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jumping deeper into the Vortex

Well folks, It's been awhile... life happens. I've been running nearly 7 days a week for my day job, and then we had a bit of an internet hiccup. Regrouping has occurred and I'm back online.

Those are two shots of my new sharpening set up. I had that little 6" grinder in the shop for several years, and I finally got around to installing my Wolverine sharpening jig.  I proceeded to tune up my gouges, and then turn a little the other night, but had to go to work. I'm still very much a novice turner, however I have learned that it is easier to turn with sharp tools than otherwise. 

Ultimately that is a stepping stone set up, I want an 8" slow speed grinder (Woodcraft has them on sale right now...) In case I can't afford it while the current sale is on, I've got this to use. It is just clamped down to my utility tool stand at the moment, I suspect that is how I'll use it going forward. I need to rework my turning area of the shop if I'm going to continue further into the vortex. 

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