Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gearing up for a production run

This past weekend, Lori and I stopped at a craft show and a flea market. The former was depressingly empty, the latter relatively busy and vibrant. As a result, we've decided to pony up and put a booth in the Top of the Hill flea market near Sylvan Beach NY. Looking at what boards we have on hand, we can put in a minimal set of work, however I know full well that I need to step up and crank out at Least another dozen or three boards. Once we get into the new location, we'll have two sites to 'support' with work, not to mention the craft show circuit for the holiday shopping season.

Given that we're going to be 'taking things seriously' as my mentor used to say, I've invested in a couple of new tools, with plans to get a couple more in the near future as well.
I know I mentioned this sander recently, but it is 'relevant' to my future plans as well. I picked it up as a not to the safety brigade. I used to use my planer to level off my end grain cutting boards. I've done that for years, knowing full well that I was pushing my luck with regard to kickback in the planer.  I've decided that,  after listening to All  (yes, all 192) of the Woodtalk Online shows to date, that safety is now my priority. To that end, I'm no longer going to plane the end grain boards. In the long run I'll save up for a drum sander, in the short run the belt sander will have to do. As part of the safety upgrade per Marc Matt & Shannon's advice I picked up some new PPE: 

 here I am (sorry about your monitor)... modeling my new gear. There are the organic filters which will help with my finish sensitivity. 

And there I am with the simple particulate filters on. 

Nothing earthshaking to most of you, but I've been lax for many years. I love my family, and want to be around for them for a long time.  The sensitivity was the trigger, but the dust prevention will help me breathe better as well. 

OK, back to the production run. I've been using stock I had on the lumber racks for my stock build up. I realized today however that I need to invest in some more stock. I'll have to see what the budget allows, but plan on dropping a chunk of change on some lumber tomorrow at my favorite hardwood dealer:  I will be visiting their downtown Syracuse locale, not quite as much fun as going to their original site up in Pulaski, but hey, lumber is lumber.  I have one order for a large board, so at the very least I'll pick up some lumber for that, plus some more for the build up.  

OK time to wrap this up and get some dinner. I have to work tonight so I suppose I'll post more after I make my lumber run.  Thanks for checking in!

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